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Corbett Comfortable Resort

Package Cost : [ 2 Nights 3 Days ] for couple

Super Deluxe Room Package Rs.7999/-APAI

Family Cottage Package Rs.8999/-APAI

Super Deluxe Room Package Rs.6999/-MAP

Family Cottage Package Rs.7999/-MAP

Package Includes:

» Welcome drink on arrival (Non Alcoholic)

» Accommodation for a couple in Non AC Room / Cottage for

2 nights & 3 days

» All Rooms Service Meals

» Guided Nature walk through forest (resort is located inside the forest)

» Evening tea

» Free use of Indoor Games

Child (5 to 12) – 25% of the package cost

» Child/Adult (12 yrs and above)- 35% of the package

» Child below 5yrs is Complimentary

» Not Valid For Christmas & New Year Holidays. All taxes

From Chayan Hotels & Resorts