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Tree Top Resort Corbett

Package Cost : [ 2 Nights 3 Days ]for couple

Luxury riverview rooms (non-air-conditioned)CPAI 8999.00 APAI 10999.00

Cottages river-view CPAI 9999.00 APAI 11999.00

Extra Adult with extra bed (12 years & above) 2500 3500.00

Extra Child with extra bed (05 years & above) 1500 2500.00


Package Includes:

Welcome drink on arrival.

Accommodation for 2 nights and 3 days for two persons.

Early morning Tea/Coffee in the room.

Meals as specified in the plan.

Fruit Basket and cookies in the room on first day.

15% discount on Ala carte Meals.

15% discount on Jungle Safaris.

Tea/Coffe maker in the room.

Internet at reception (subject to availability)

All applicable taxes.

Check in time: 12:00 Noon & Check out Time: 10:00 A M

Special rates shall be applicable on all long weekends & major events

Offer from Chayan Hotels & Resorts