Increasingly the indian intelligence and security agencies are using hitech wireless methods to attack any indian citizen they wish to, especially if they have been bribed by large companies like google, tata to do so, to increase their profit. The great advantage of using wireless hitech methods is the deniability, unlike conventional attacks using a bullet or other weapons where some evidence of the attack remains, the victim or person being targetted usually does not have any legally valid proof that he or she was attacked to file a case or take any further action

However though the hitech torture equipment is very powerful, it has a major limitation as it is not very portable and has a limited range. So a victim targetted with the equipment may initially think that he is facing a problem internal to his or her body, However if the victim will move away from the area where he or she usually is found, the pain and other health problems will greatly reduce and sometimes disappear.

Since renting or purchasing another property is usually expensive for the broke organized stalking victim, it is advisable to hire a hotel room and escape the torture.