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Revenue management service

Cyberweb Hotels RevenueMax is scientific, data-driven software and solution of setting-up most effective hotel room rates that allows you to sell maximum rooms at highest price.

Revenue Management Goal is simple:

1) Sell the highest number of rooms.
2) Sell rooms at maximum possible price.
3) To increase revenue and profitability.

We guarantee that your revenue will increase by US $ 120,000 per year – Minimum guarantee – $ 10,000 per month.

The price for our all revenue management service (RMS) is $500 Monthly and $5000 annually , So if you go annually then you will save $1000.

You can take a trial if you wish for a month by paying $500 and after one month you can go for yearly.

We have produced outstanding Revenue Management results for our clients.

Revenue Management Involves:

1) Forecasting occupancy & ADR.
2) Understanding competitor pricing.
3) Adjusting pricing based on inventory and competitor’s pricing.
4) Analyzing results and increase in revenue.
5) Yield Management
6) Social media marketing and many more…..

Cyberweb Hotel’s revenue managers are highly trained professionals that can ensure a higher level of sales and profits.

We invite you to use Cyberweb’s RevenueMAX revenue management service to the highest level of revenue.

1) Our experts will analyze your hotel and send you a report on most appropriate pricing every month.
2) We will adjust and update pricing across all channels.
3) We will send you a report on increased revenue and profits.

Our US-based revenue managers along with a team of 100+ trained experts in India allows you to speak with your revenue management team 24 x 7 – whenever you wish!

RevenueMax benefits:

1) Guaranteed increase in revenue based on scientific pricing.
2) Unlimited consulting. Unlimited support.
3) Get detailed reports.
4) Immediately notice improvement in revenue and profits.
5) Everything will be done by your revenue management team led by US-based experts.

Kind regards,
Jigna Patel.
Cyberweb / Team
WhatsApp -1 ?(727) 755-3580?

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Dear Hotel Reservation Department,

We wish to inform you that the following booking has been paid

The details are as below:

Guest’s Name : Prasisca,Maharani
Booking Status : Confirmed
Second Name : Joyce nelson
Address : Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No.35, Sukajadi ,Bandung,20154,Indonesia
Check In : 25-Jul-23
Check Out : 28-Jul-23
Contract Type : Static

Enclosed Attahced payment scan copy for the bookings.

Thank you MG Bedbank (PT Mitra Global Holiday)



A Comprehensive Tourist Guide to Wrocław: From Market Square to Tattoo Studios

Wrocław, a captivating city nestled in western Poland, promises a captivating blend of rich history, striking architecture, and diverse cultural experiences. This guide explores some of the must-visit attractions in Wrocław.

Town Hall and Market Square

Address: Rynek 50, 50-996 Wrocław

The heart of Wrocław’s old town, the Market Square, also known as Rynek, is home to the stunning Gothic Town Hall. The building, boasting a 66m high tower, offers spectacular views of the city.

Wrocław’s Dwarfs

Scattered throughout the city, Wrocław’s Dwarfs are a whimsical addition to the urban landscape. These tiny bronze sculptures have become an iconic symbol of the city.

Wrocław Aquapark

Address: Borowska 99, 50-558 Wrocław

Wrocław Aquapark offers a fun-filled day with its wide array of water attractions, including slides, a lazy river, and a wellness area with saunas and hot tubs.

Centennial Hall and Wrocław’s Fountain

Address: Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Centennial Hall is a testament to Wrocław’s architectural prowess. The nearby multimedia fountain is a must-see, especially during its evening light and music shows.

Sculptural Group “Passage 1977-2005”

Address: Intersection of Marshal Pilsudski and Swidnicka streets.

This poignant installation represents the era of martial law in Poland, featuring 14 figures sinking into the ground, symbolizing oppressed society.

Wrocław University

Address: plac Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137 Wrocław

One of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in Poland, the university’s beautiful Baroque main building and the Mathematical Tower are worth visiting.

Railway Station

Address: Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 105, 50-085 Wrocław

Wrocław’s railway station is not just a transit hub but also a stunning example of 19th-century architecture.

Sky Tower Building

Address: Powstańców Śląskich 95, 53-332 Wrocław

Standing at 212 meters, Sky Tower is the tallest building in Poland, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city from its observation deck.

Da Vinci’s Fox Tattoo Studio

Address: Żeromskiego 28, 50-321 Wrocław

For tattoo enthusiasts, Da Vinci’s Fox tattoo studio Wrocław offers a blend of artistry and professionalism, making it a unique stop on your Wrocław journey.

Wrocław Cathedral

Address: Plac Katedralny 18, 50-329 Wrocław

A magnificent example of Gothic architecture, Wrocław Cathedral is an important religious site that also offers stunning views from its towers.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Address: Szewska 10, 50-122 Wrocław The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, known for its Bridge of Penitents, is another captivating architectural site.

St. Elizabeth’s Church

Address: Świętej Elżbiety 1/2, 50-111 Wrocław

This historic church, with its towering spire, is worth a visit for its beautiful Baroque interiors and city views from the observation deck.

Royal Palace

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, 50-077 Wrocław

Now a museum, the Royal Palace’s ornate interiors and beautiful gardens offer a glimpse into the royal history of Wrocław.

Shopping Complex on Piaskowa Street

Address: Piaskowa 17, 50-359 Wrocław

A modern shopping complex that offers a range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Jas and Małgosia Houses

Address: Świętego Mikołaja 1, 52-007 Wrocław

These two charming medieval houses, connected at the top by an arch, are a charming symbol of Wrocław’s historic architecture.

National Museum

Address: plac Powstańców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wrocław

Home to an extensive collection of Polish art, the museum offers a cultural immersion into Poland’s artistic legacy.

Japanese Garden

Address: Adama Mickiewicza 1, 51-618 Wrocław

A tranquil oasis within the city, the Japanese Garden offers a peaceful environment to relax and admire the beautifully designed landscape.


Address: Na Grobli 17, 50-421 Wrocław

An educational center dedicated to water, Hydropolis presents interactive exhibits that offer insights into the importance of water in our world.

Wrocław Opera

Address: Świdnicka 35, 50-066 Wrocław

One of the leading opera houses in Poland, Wrocław Opera offers a range of performances in its stunning Neo-Baroque building.

Przystań & Marina Restaurant

Address: Księcia Witolda 2, 50-202 Wrocław

Located near the Oder River, Przystań & Marina offers excellent Polish cuisine accompanied by beautiful views.


Wrocław is a city of architecture and art, stretching from Market Square to tattoo studios. Its diverse range of attractions offers something for every visitor, making it a must-visit destination in Poland.

Retired DCP’s wife Rohini Kamble, son Vishal Kamble were staying at Oyorooms Flagship Neelkamal in Chembur, Mumbai when they were abducted to force them to sign away property . They had come to Mumbai for a court case, and they were lured to visit Panvel where they were abducted using force.
The hotel owners did not notice anything wrong when their guests suddenly disappeared, since they were not found in the room. The hotel should have worried, because the room rent was not being paid
Only when Vinaya Fansalkar, Rohini Kamble’s sister started enquiring, it was noticed that all their luggage remained in the room and a police complaint was filed

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Before commenting on the website content, government agencies should explain why raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their well-paid EMPLOYEES getting a monthly government salary since 2010, who do not pay for domains, do not do any computer work, own the domains, bank account of a private citizen, single woman engineer . To justify the FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY which is widely discussed on quora,reddit, the government agencies are spreading 100% FAKE rumors that the domains of a private citizen belong to top government employees who HATE her, have never helped her especially her btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay like puneet, j srinivasan

One of the main beneficiary of government financial fraud is the goan raw employee siddhi mandrekar who is a is full time hotel manager yet gets R&AW salary for faking domain ownership, bank account with the help of her powerful boyfriend puneet who is extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING,ROBBING , TORTURING his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay, the real domain investor, to steal her resume,data and get at least 7-8 of his girlfriends permanent raw/cbi jobs while the single woman engineer is making very less money despite working long hours due to the brutal government SLAVERY RACKET,CRIMINAL DEFAMATION

The linked profile and surveillance will legally prove that the raw employee goan siddhi mandrekar getting a monthly government salary credited to her bank account is doing her hotel job, she does not spend any money on domains,does not do any computer work at all for clients outside india, yet government agencies continue making fake claims criminally defaming the real domain investor.

Indicating the lack of social justice in india, government agencies allegedly raw/cbi are openly involved in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of, financial fraud on some domain investors in india,especially obc engineers with good JEE rank falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not spend any money on domains, do not have any online income, own the domains, bank account of the obc engineer

One of the top beneficiaries of the government FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY,criminal defamation of the domain investor, obc bhandari engineer is the Domain fraudster goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan , the sugar baby of top brahmin/bania government employees who has never invested any money in domains at all, has no online income, yet is getting a monthly government salary for FAKING domain ownership since 2012

Since top tech and internet companies allegedly google,tata are supporting the Domain fraudster goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan in her domain ownership fraud,she is leading a lavish lifestyle and recently held a grand wedding in a five star hotel in goa

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Good day!


Please find the attached Purchase Order No : PO2331525 dated 20/10/2022.



Warm regards,

Vishwanath Shukla

Vishwanath | Complex Supply Chain Clerk | Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa | Al Mamsha Street | PO Box 24970| Dubai | U.A.E | Tel: +971 4 316 5645 | Fax: +971 4 316 5209 | Mobile: +971 56 402 4137


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Hello Good afternoon;

We spoke with your colleague on the phone and we were asked to contact you.

We plan to place our first official order for the year 2023.
Your company provided us with your pricelists and offer October
2022 (See attached your pricelist for your reference)

Please update us if they are still workable for our new order?
We hope you can retain the previous quoted price.

Kindly check attched and use your official password to access

Best Regards

Purchasing Department


PO Box 9255, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 8145555 Fax: +971 4 8830083

According to media reports, a large number of people are duped while booking hotels, resorts, villas
Due to the government SLAVERY racket of the indian tech, internet companies, allegedly led by google, tata, since 2010, the domain investor has very less money despite working for long hours daily, while other citizens have plenty of money to go on holidays
According to a media report, a woman wanted to go on a holiday for new year with her family, and booked a villa in Lonavla paying Rs 1.2 lakh to Akash Jadani
After a few days the woman got a message that the booking was cancelled since there was a accident at the villa,due to a child drowning
She was told that she would get a refund, but the refund was never received
After the police complaint was filed, Akash Jadani was arrested