At-home DNA tests are getting more and more popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Who hasn’t wanted to learn more about their family’s ancestral past or uncover hidden facets of their personal heritage? Services like 23&me tap into something inna Dog DNA Test Kit If you’re the proud owner of a mixed-breed pup, you’ve probably spent some time wondering what exactly went into your dog’s genetic makeup. Dog DNA tests are your chance to find out—as well as learn crucial health details, devise a better nutrition p

Uganda was termed as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by Sir Winston Churchill. The country is blessed with amazing landscapes, waters, forest cover, to name; the Lake Victoria, the River Nile and its source, the Rwenzori, the marvelous Bwndi, e.t.c. Book now a safaris in Uganda with Yaneta, a premier gorilla wildlife operator. You will have to encounter various wildlife including the big five, the tree climbing lions in Inshah, rhinos, zebras, elands, waterbucks, leopards, hyenas, topis, hippos, crocodiles and among others.

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