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Other terms and conditions at Hotel Thomas Villa, Kanyal Road, Manali


Child below 5 year Without Bed Complimentary Stay Only

Extra Person / Child above 5 year to 12 year with bed / Mattress will charged as mentioned below:

Stay Only: 600, per extra/per Night

Stay with B/fast: 800, Per Extra /Per Night

stay with B/fast+Dinner: 1150, Per Extra /per Night


1.Welcome drink on arrival

2. Complimentary Pick up and droop from the Volvo Bus stand to Hotel

Terms and Conditions •All tariff are extendable on pro-data basis as quoted at the time of Reservation only or subject to availability
•No refund for short stay and un-availed facilities
•The management reserves the right to alter or withdraw in part or cancel the facilities provided under this package without prior notice


Cancellation Rules
•25% cancellation fee if cancelled before 15 days prior to check in
•50% cancellation fee if cancelled before 10 days prior to check in
•75% cancellation fee if cancelled before 07 days prior to check in
•100% cancellation fee if cancelled lesser than 07 days of check in
•Check In Time: 12:00hrs
•Check Out Time: 10:00hrs