My great-grandmother is no wallflower. She is outspoken and very active. You would never be able to guess that she is 85. She recently got online to schedule renting of a party bus at to get her and some women who live in the same senior apartment building she lives in to an orchestral event that was highlighting music from when she was a young woman. Grandma says it is tough to get the “old ladies” going, but they are a “hoot” once you get them motivated. Those are grandma’s words, not mine. I heard her on the phone once trying to get her friend Gladys to go on an outing. She said, “What else you got planned you old bat?” I could not believe my ears, but grandma says you need to be old and tough on old people to keep them active. She said it would not work if she was not older than most of them.

Grandma keeps her friends motivated and active. They just sometimes need a “kick in the pants,” as Grandam says, to get them going. They all have fun on every outing. They come back with sore feet, legs and backs, but they all ask my grandmother when they will be going again. Grandma says that one thing that gets most of them to actually go is renting a party bus. They are easy to get in and out of and the seating is comfortable. For longer rides she rents the big bus with a bathroom. The buses have seating that looks like couches and wide loungers. Some have a booth and table. Grandma always gets a bus with a booth and table for the card players who like to play while en route to their event. Grandma used to rent vans and regular buses, but she says, “The old ladies like the party buses a whole lot more.” Yes, that is my grandma!