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A group of hotels with HOTEL TRANSIT as the premium property, the other being, HOTEL STAR, HOTEL INTERNATIONAL INN & HOTEL DELHI 37 located on National Highway no.8 Mahipalpur (NEW DELHI) with domestic and international Airport approximately 3 kms away. All the properties have earned a name for themselves for being on the front as far as comfort, facilities and allied infrastructure are concerned. The tariff has been worked out in a manner to ensure affordability by various categories of clients.

Our clientele at present includes some prominent corporates, business houses, travel companies and respectable individuals. We have intended to approach your goodself to avail of the facilities of hotel stay at our properties. We would appreciate if you could spare your most valuable and precious time to meet our representatives.

Pickup & Drop off, to and from Domestic and International Airport @ 800.00 (AC Esteem)
500 & 300 respectively for Pickup and Drop.

Pickup & Drop off to and from Domestic and International Airport @ 1100/- (AC Innova)
600 & 500 respectively for Pickup and Drop.