In december 2021, the number of covid cases in India declined to a great extent, so people who like travelling spent their time and money visiting other cities and towns. Hence hotels, especially in south and west india made a good profit .This was also reflected in the change in share prices of listed hotels. Travel remains expensive, victims of government slavery cannot afford it or have to be careful.

The Nilaya resort in Arpora, Goa got a lot of coverage in the mainstream media, especially Marathi TV channels because one politician claimed that it was the benami property of another politician.
In India, it appears that top politicians have a lot of money, and it is not exposed unless the politician is in the opposition in the state or central level.
the resort is usually charging Rs 11000 per night, and during peak time, the tariff can increase to Rs 14000 or more per room at night
The owner of the resort must have invested a large amount in constructing the resort.
Hotels, resorts, and restaurants are the preferred investment, since they have a large number of customers. asian massage las vegas



Goa government converts hotels into covid care centres
With covid cases increasing, the goa government has converted some hotels into covid care centres. The advertisement mentioning this was published in the local newspapers. Some of the hotels converted into covid care centres were
– Miramar Residency
– Calangute Residency
– Mapusa Residency
– Farmagudi residency
Some people live in small homes, so they cannot provide home isolation, and these hotels were advertised as alternatives

According to media reports, the tourists are increasingly preferring to live in rented rooms and houses compared to hotels. The homes are often cheaper than living in a hotel.
Additionally while hotels will ask for id proof when the tourist is checking in, the rooms and homestays will not ask for id proof.
The hotel owners are complaining about the loss of business, yet there is no action taken against the room owners.
The tourists are claiming that they are avoiding hotels due to fear of covid-19


vacation tips
After the pandemic subsides, many will be interested in going for a vacation, and these tips may help

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Each accommodation includes 2 or 3 bedroom apartments which are fully furnished with attached toilets, a fully equipped kitchen, sitting room, and dining area. Other facilities include a washing machine, cable TV, WiFi, 24 hours housekeeping, and complimentary breakfast. We also design special packages and tours for the tourists and make special arrangements for medical travelers.

We cater to both short and long stays. In the past, we have worked closely with multi-national corporate institutions like PWC, L&T, and DNV, Hospitals such as AIIMS, Max, and Primus, educational institutes like IIT, NIFT, and Lehigh University as well as Embassies such as the Embassy of South Africa, Afghanistan, and Benin.

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Tourists can experience the flora and fauna taking a desert tour.

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