Many bungalow owners in panaji are converting their bungalows into hotels

In panaji, a large number of bungalow owners are converting their bungalows into hotels
Many of the bungalows in panaji are very expensive, and only people living in metro cities with plenty of money can afford to purchase them.
Then these people cannot live in panaji, because there are very few opportunities, businesses.
So they convert their bungalow into a hotel
For example in one posh area in panaji, a bungalow was owned by the relative of a high profile politician for many years
A few years ago, the domain investor heard that the bungalow was sold to a mumbai buyer.
Now during the last few visits, it was converted into a hotel with a security staff
Many people in metro cities are well connected, have many friends, who would like to live in goa for sometime on a holiday, so they can easily rent the house and make some money